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Miss Kat Garner Bsc. Sports Science.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Focus Your Mind & Change Your 


Release Your True Potential & Realise Your Dreams.

Miss Kathryn Garner Bsc.


HI, I’m Kathryn,

I work to empower people, to achieve life and business goals. I combine NLP, Hypnosis and Powerful Holistic Mentoring to give you direction, focus, self control and confidence. Your sessions with me will give you the skills and abilities to overcome battles, or struggles with motivation, direction or focus.

I use a powerful holistic approach with Hypnosis, to positively guide and adapt behaviours that no longer serve you.

I encourage all my clients to experience the transformational energy and power of Reiki. As part of my process I send Reiki to everyone I work with. One to one Reiki treatments release your energy blockages that occur as a result of your life experience. Reiki not only clears these blockages it balances and boosts your whole equilibrium.

Reiki treatments are a luxury sensory experience, for relaxation and escapism from the endless chatter inside your own head and the noise of the outside world.

It's known and accepted that vibrational healing significantly aids your recovery from injuries, illnesses and creates a positive balanced state of mind.

Kinect With Kat

0752 574 6657


Throughout my childhood I practiced Martial Arts.

My father, Mr Michael Garner, is a 4th Dan Black Belt, Holistic Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, so that was my motivation when I branched into the world of Sports Science and started running my own Combat Fitness classes. I used most of my learning’s of meditation and psychology to empower, motivate and strengthen myself, for my classes and then for my job as a Fire-fighter.

My holistic approach had never been so meaningful until its role in my recovery and rehabilitation, after suffering an injury which ended my Fire Fighter career.

My understanding is that the more healing I can send to the world, the more I will gracefully receive.

To shine my light more powerfully bright, to be of service to you.

With Love always,

Miss Kathryn Garner.



I run a Empowerment group called ‘Powerhour’ in Colwyn Bay, North Wales which incorporates a number of holistic approaches to create a positive energetic environment for people to attend weekly. ‘Powerhour’ allows a platform for me to work with Chi Gung, Empowerment, Guided Meditations, Goal Setting and Healing to members of the public in a relaxed coffee shop environment. 

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