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Focus your Mind & Change your Life.

*   Clinical Hypnotherapist

*   Reiki Master

*   Holistic Coach 

I Can Change your Life.

M: +44752 574 6657


Kat Garner

Your Holistic Coach

Using the latest Mind Coaching and Empowerment Skills I can Focus your Mind to Achieve your Goals so you can Realise your Full Potential and Live your Life Powerfully.

See yourself Achieving and Gaining the Confidence and Self Esteem you need to succeed.  

Don't wait!

Get in touch now, to See the Change, Feel the Change, and Enjoy the Change.


Bespoke Mind Coaching Sessions with me are all individually priced, based on £75 for 90 min. Contact me for price of your session.

Breakthrough Therapy sessions also available.

* look below for my other service packages *




Following the success of my Powerhour Class which is based in Colwyn Bay, the audience has now been widened using Facebook to allow access to this class from the comfort of your own home.

Joining the facebook group allows you access to the one hour class live, on Mondays 6.30pm.

This class powerfully gives you time in your mind to achieve elevated energy levels, improve immune function and cell renewal, increase metabolism and work on your individual spiritual development.

Each week the class follows the same format, starting with a powerful breathing exercise to music that my father taught me, which anchors you to the present and allows time for personal reflection.

The agenda changes weekly covering a diverse range of subjects and practices that work for you. The classes each week are stand alone as workshops, including connecting to your higher self, mental rehearsal practices, creating trance states, crystal healing, mindfulness meditations and internal psychoanalysis with mental coping strategies.

we end each session with a powerful breathing Chi Gung exercise to music which shifts the energy through your body to charge you up for the whole week.

Look forward to see you

Get in touch for more information and join the online group to enjoy.

Kat x


Holistic Vibrational Healing.

Your Mind and Body operate systematically, so becoming the master of your mind allows you to control the operation of your body.

As a holistic therapist I work to give you peace of mind and control of your physical symptoms using the latest mind coaching techniques, hypnotherapy and Reiki vibrational energy healing.

Reiki operates to top up and balance the energy centres within us.

Reiki treatments are a luxury sensory experience, for relaxation and escapism from the endless chatter inside your own head and the noise of the outside world.

It's known and accepted that vibrational healing significantly aids your recovery from injuries, illnesses and creates a positive balanced state of mind.

You will enjoy the amazing experience of vibrational healing. Refresh , detox and stimulate your body to enhance your daily living quality.

Fully Comprehensive Usui Reiki 1 & 2 training courses available.

Sessions £35 for 60 mins. Concessions available.


Performance Hypnosis.

Wedding Nerves, Best Mans Speech, Exam Nerves & Stress Management. 

Preparing for a Wedding where you have to deliver a speech in front of many prying eyes, or nervous about your first dance. Gain confidence and practice with Hypnosis, increase you focus and concentration so you can deliver all you require with ease and efficiency whilst you enjoy your special day. Weddings can be stressful events to plan and prepare for so imagine if you could 'be given the control button to your mind' which gives you clarity of thinking, confidence and calmness. 



Future projection of events and scenarios

Past Life Regression

Do you have self limiting, sabotaging beliefs or faculties that hold you back in this life, that could be explained by your past life experiences? Or are you curious and excited by your potential past lives and feel that these avenues of you should be explored?

Could you benefit from future projection to an event or goal so you can benefit from the confidence of achieving your goal now?

Past life regressions can provide useful insights and metaphors for existing problems or queries about current lifestyle. Enjoy an exciting exploration into your past lives and bring about a deeper understanding of your inner self. 


Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance.

For Motivation, Coaching, Skill Acquisition, Goal Setting, Future Pacing and Readiness.

As a Sports Science Graduate and a Personal Trainer I aim to be the best Sports mental coach to give you the psychological edge in your sporting activity and goal.

Confidence, self esteem and mental

readiness or performance anxiety can be the difference between peak performance and failure. In school, PE lessons can be torturous when you lack confidence, as can any sporting competitions when you are hindered by a losing streak, or an injury. Hypnotherapy and vicarious programming is key to your success.  


Pain Management.

Rehabilitation with your mind

Emotional Pain, Bereavement and Loss.

Physical Pain, Injury and Illness.

Prepare for future event, Tattoo Pain or Pending Hospital Procedure?

If pain is ruining your life, or stopping you from achieving your goals I can help you. Rehabilitation using your mind can help you to recovery quickly and exceed the expectations of achieving your goals. Pain can be managed using hypnotic and Energy Empowering techniques, whilst using Vicarious Programming so your training need not suffer and your goals can be achieved effortlessly. Turning your recovery time into the ultimate opportunity to transform yourself!


Fears & Phobias.


Don't allow your mind to create disruption, stress and anxiety over things that quiet simply, shouldn't!

Your life is for living and you are deserving of quality and peace from within, for you to enjoy every opportunity to its fullest. Use Hypnotherapy to learn management of these fears with ease, and with little fuss. 'Simply, so you can move forward with your life!'


Addictions & Cravings.

Smoking cessassion

Kick Your habit for good with the help of your mind. Give yourself the 'Control Button' back, and start living your life in control of your desires and wants. Be Free, live to the full!


Stress & Anxiety Management.

Think Yourself Well

In our fast paced world its often that we allow ourselves to loose control. As we chase this illusive goal of life around the clock, we are mindlessly loosing touch with reality. Pressure cooker situations in the workplace, competitiveness for position and authority in a number generating society and environmental instability that instils fear and angst, is unbelievably dream crushing, not to mention, 'impossible' to live in long term. In the monopoly game of life, we all need a 'get out of jail free card', a method of finding calmness and inner still, to gain clarity and definition to our goals and desires. Without these tranquil moments we face burn out and ultimate collapse. Hypnotherapy can help you to find your balance and clarity of mind, by cleansing the past you can look forward to a creative and energy filled future, with little doubts or worries, as you gain perspective and understanding.

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